Welcome to EcommerceCowboy.com! My name is Payton and this is where you can learn from my work in Ecommerce. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and am passionate about marketing, sales, and ecommerce. I’ve found consumer psychology fascinating since my first venture into sales at 6 years old (ask me about how I started a business in front of my father’s Business Brokerage and had the cops called on me… don’t worry, no one was arrested). From my first ecommerce store in 2010 while in college (sold a year later) to my own brands and #1 Best Sellers on Amazon, I have maintained a hunger to improve my working knowledge in the digital/ecommerce space. I have a full working tech stack and honestly enjoy helping companies diversify their sales channels to improve cash flow and engineer strategies that capture exact target markets. If you want my help, just reach out and connect! Cheers!

Ecommerce Tips, Trick, and Tech

Follow along and learn my own ecommerce businesses. I have a working (and changing) technology stack and work with a handful of successful brands build their online presence, sales channels, and sales funnels. Everything from Shopify to Amazon, I work in the trenches to create success.

Why Ecommerce Cowboy

When you work with me at EcommerceCowboy, this is what I do for myself and for others. I devour information that allows me to stay ahead of the curve and out work the competition. Ecommerce is a passion not just a job or career choice. When I work with brands, I focus on increasing cash flow, Customer Lifetime Value, and Average Order Price. My strategies are not a one size fits all, so it is important before we work together that I fully understand your business needs and wants. One of my favorite quotes “Know where you are. Know where you are going. And know how to get there.” I take this approach with everyone I work with. Let me know if you are interested in learning more.


Currently located in the greater metropolitan area of Phoenix, AZ… but the good thing about running an ecommerce business? You can work from anywhere! Feel free to contact me from where ever you call home and if I can honestly help you I will. Just shoot me an email and let’s start a conversation.